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Open Positions 空缺职位

Circuit Board Tester 电路板测试仪

We are actively seeking a talented and entry level Tester Development Engineer (Hardware) – Automated Test System to lead the design and development of automated end of line tester projects to test Automotive Media Modules, Hub, Charger and Gateway/Switch from conceptual design through implementation. You will have the chance to network with cross functional team, vendors, internal & external customers and in-house personnel. We are looking for those that share our passion for solution development and delivery. Experience on design and development of hardware and software for electrical test systems used in the manufacturing of Media Modules, Hub, Charger and Gateway/Switch based on standards such as Ethernet, CAN, LIN and PCIe. Integration of custom designed circuit boards and mechanical fixtures with off-the-shelf test equipment such as digital sampling oscilloscopes, TDR modules and network analyzers.

我们正在积极寻找一位才华横溢的入门级测试人员开发工程师(硬件) - 自动测试系统,领导自动化终端测试项目的设计和开发,以测试从概念设计到实施的汽车媒体模块,集线器,充电器和网关/交换机。 您将有机会与跨职能团队,供应商,内部和外部客户以及内部人员建立联系。 我们正在寻找那些分享我们对解决方案开发和交付的热情的人。 在基于以太网,CAN,LIN和PCIe等标准制造媒体模块,集线器,充电器和网关/交换机的电气测试系统中设计和开发硬件和软件的经验。 将定制设计的电路板和机械夹具与现成的测试设备集成在一起,如数字采样示波器,TDR模块和网络分析仪。

PCB Designer PCB 设计师

You will be performing the physical PCB layout of printed circuit boards which are used on the engineering tester platforms at Micron. You will also be responsible for identifying and solving design weaknesses in order to optimize future designs. In this role, you must have a strong command of PCB manufacturing processes and high-speed signal integrity design rules. Proven expertise with tools such as Cadence Allegro is essential. You will be expected to demonstrate proficiency with layout tools.

Successful candidates for this position will have:

  • Minimum of two years PCB design experience using Cadence tools. Altium and Mentor experience helpful.
  • Strong command of high-speed signal integrity design rules.
  • Solid understanding of PCB manufacturing processes and limitations.
  • Good understanding of Power Distribution Network design.
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, understand engineering needs and apply that understanding to deliver products that meet customer needs.

您将执行在Micron的工程测试仪平台上使用的印刷电路板的物理PCB布局。 您还将负责识别和解决设计缺陷,以优化未来的设计。 在这个角色中,您必须掌握PCB制造工艺和高速信号完整性设计规则。 使用Cadence Allegro等工具的专业知识至关重要。 您将被要求展示布局工具的熟练程度。


  • 使用Cadence工具至少两年的PCB设计经验。 Altium和Mentor体验很有帮助。
  • 力的高速信号完整性设计规则。
  • 扎实了解PCB制造工艺和局限性。
  • 熟悉配电网络设计。
  • 能够与跨职能团队协作,了解工程需求并应用这种理解来提供满足客户需求的产品。

Licensing Consultant 许可顾问

Support the development and implementation of regulatory governance, oversight, processes, and guidance for regulatory products related to plant licensing. Provide in-depth regulatory expertise to develop and review documents for submittal and/or presentation to the Regulatory Commission, other regulatory agencies or clients, with accountability for accuracy and completeness of these documents. Perform independent research, reviews, studies, and analysis in support of regulatory/technical projects and programs. Review, edit, and organize documents in the preparation for large and complex license applications, as well as smaller technical submittals, topical reports, and white papers.

支持与工厂许可相关的监管产品的监管治理,监督,流程和指导的制定和实施。 提供深入的监管专业知识,以制定和审查文件,以便提交和/或提交给监管委员会,其他监管机构或客户,并对这些文件的准确性和完整性负责。 进行独立的研究,审查,研究和分析,以支持监管/技术项目和计划。 在准备大型和复杂的许可证申请,以及较小的技术提交,主题报告和白皮书时,审查,编辑和组织文档。