Specialized in PCB Production
and Components Supply

About Neway Technologies

Neway Technologies Ltd. was founded in July, year 2008 in Hong Kong uniting a number of highly qualified engineers and talented managers. The Company growth was unexpected and pleasantly successful. Starting as a small office of three person staff and several outsourced specialists it now undertakes State level projects including water supply systems, gasification and such.

Our company is confidently developing new business lines. To meet our partners needs we offer them a wide range of household appliances of Western European brands. We are always happy to provide the best price and prompt delivery to our customers. The equipment of these brands is made in China. Product quality control is carried out by trademark representatives at each stage of production.

Our specialty is PCBA production and components supply. Our head offices are based in Hong Kong and China, Shenzhen. We aim at offering our clients individual and high quality solutions instead of prototyping.


纽威科技有限公司于2008年7月在香港成立,汇集了一批高素质的工程师和才华横溢的管理人员。 公司的成长意外并取得了令人愉快的成功。 从一个由三人工作人员和几个外包专家组成的小型办公室开始,它现在承担国家级项目,包括供水系统,气化等。

我们公司自信地开发新的业务线。 为满足合作伙伴的需求,我们为他们提供各种西欧品牌的家用电器。 我们始终乐意为客户提供最优惠的价格和及时的交货。 这些品牌的设备是在中国制造的。 产品质量控制由商标代表在每个生产阶段进行。

我们的专长是PCBA生产和组件供应。 我们的总部设在香港和中国深圳。 我们的目标是为客户提供个性化和高质量的解决方案,而不是原型设计。