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Privacy Statement

Neway Technologies Ltd. values all personal information provided by its customers, and this note sets out Neway’s policy and practices in relation to personal data and the Personal Data Ordinance.

The Personal Data Ordinance protects the privacy of individuals by controlling the manner in which personal data may be collected, held, processed and used. Any personal information collected and recorded by Neway Technologies Ltd. in relation to a customer, from which the identity of the customer can be ascertained, will be subject to regulation by the Personal Data Ordinance.

From time to time, it will be necessary for customers to provide Neway Technologies Ltd. with certain personal data in connection with the commencement or continuation of, in connection with promoting, improving or furthering the provision of the services by Neway Technologies Ltd. to customers generally, statistical research and analysis or other related services. Failure to supply such personal data may result in the delay or inability of Neway Technologies Ltd. to, or to continue to, carry out the services.

A customer is entitled to request Neway Technologies Ltd. to cease to use his or her personal data for the purpose specified in the above and on receipt of such a request Neway Technologies Ltd. shall cease to use such personal data for such purpose.