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International Investment Mediation
Since 2015, we have been engaged in international cooperation on investment activities. The investment policy helped to attract dozens of partners from the EU and CIS countries. We offer a number of preferences on mutually beneficial terms to our potential and current customers.

Canon Medical Systems logo Canon Medical Systems Corporation (est. 1948, Japan, manufactured in Japan, Malaysia)
Website: global.medical.canon
Sangoma logo Sangoma (est. 1984)
Website: sangoma.com
AGFA logo AGFA Healthcare (est. 1867, Belgium, manufactured in Belgium, Germany, China)
Website: global.agfahealthcare.com
Siemens logo Siemens Healthineers (est. 1847, Germany, manufactured in Germany, USA, United Kingdom)
Website: siemens-healthineers.com
NordicNeuroLab logo NordicNeuroLab AS (est. 2001, Norway, manufactures in Norway)
Website: nordicneurolab.com

These brands are broadly represented in Europe. 90% of the brand products are sold on the European market. It's highly trusted and well reputed among the customers.

We are glad to offer all kinds of PCB production in high quantity or small sample lots.

Neway Technologies Ltd will provide you with high quality automated soldering or manual soldering by your request. We will be happy to do the purchasing of components part for you as well or we can use components provided by you for PCB assembly.

Our experience in components purchasing in Chinese, Taiwanese, American, German and other markets allows us to provide you with best offers.

自2015年以来,我们一直从事投资活动的国际合作。 该投资政策有助于吸引欧盟和独联体国家的数十个合作伙伴。 我们为潜在客户和现有客户提供多种互利条件的优惠。

Bomann logo Bomann (est. 1886, Germany, manufactured in China, Lithuania, Turkey)
Website: bomann.de
Caso logo CASO (est. 1952, Germany, manufactured in China, Singapore, Turkey)
Website: caso-germany.com
Clatronic logo Clatronic (est. 1982, Germany, manufactured in China)
Website: clatronic.de
Graef logo Graef (est. 1920, Germany, Arnsberg)
Website: graef.de
Ellrona logo Ellrona (est. 2008, Germany, manufactured in China)
Website: ellrona.de
Profi Cook logo Profi Cook (est. 2005, Germany, manufactured in China)
Website: proficook.de
Rommelsbacher logo Rommelsbacher (est. 1928, Germany, manufactured in Germany, China)
Website: rommelsbacher.de
Status logo Status (est. 1995, Slovenia, manufactured in Slovenia)
Website: status.si
Steba logo Steba (est. 1919, Germany, manufactured in China, Germany)
Website: steba.com
Sangoma logo Sangoma (est. 1984)
Website: sangoma.com
Solac logo Solac (est. 1962, Spain, Oliana)
Website: www.solac.com
Taurus logo Taurus (est. 1962, Spain, Oliana)
Website: group-taurus.com
Temptech logo Temptech (est. 2004, Norway, Stokke)
Website: groupefrio.com
Vitrinor logo Vitrinor (est. 1985, Spain, Cantabria)
Website: vitrinor.com
Wilfa logo Wilfa (est. 1948, Norway, Hagen)
Website: wilfa.com

这些品牌在欧洲广泛代表。 90%的品牌产品在欧洲市场上销售。 它非常值得信赖,在客户中享有盛誉。


Neway Technologies Ltd将根据您的要求为您提供高质量的自动焊接或手工焊接。 我们很乐意为您购买组件部件,或者我们可以使用您提供的组件进行PCB组装。