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IFA 2018


Visiting the annual IFA exhibition in Berlin has become a good custom for Neway Technologies LTD. The most prominent trade fair in technological industry in 2018 is once again open for cutting edge innovations and promising products. Our company's intent is to develop the business and to promote our services and products on the best exhibition events intended for the industry professionals.

Our leading experts have developed and presented a whole new program for implementing newest technologies in the field of PCB production. We hope that our new product lines will become the catalyst in achieving new heights in the development of our company and will attract new productive partnerships. We're glad that we can exchange information and fruits of our labour with the participants of the greatest exhibition in the world's technological industry.

参观柏林的年度IFA展览已经成为Neway Technologies LTD的一个好习惯。 2018年最着名的技术行业展览会再次开放,以获得尖端创新和有前景的产品。 我们公司的目的是发展业务,并在为行业专业人士举办的最佳展览活动中推广我们的服务和产品。

我们的领先专家已经开发并提出了一个全新的计划,用于实施PCB生产领域的最新技术。 我们希望我们的新产品线将成为我们公司发展的新高度的催化剂,并将吸引新的生产伙伴关系。 我们很高兴我们可以与世界科技产业最大展览的参与者交流我们的劳动信息和成果。